MonaVie Business – 5 Steps to Enrolling 3 Reps a Day

The MonaVie Business explosion is a profitable trend that’s surviving despite the dire economic conditions. Budgets are tightening, but the MonaVie Business Opportunity prevails on the universal desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use this 5 Step Process and you’ll be well on your way to enrolling 3 Reps a day.Step 1: Know your Product
Start with Research. You’ll need to answer the basic questions: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Who needs to use MonaVie products? Why do they need these products? Once you answer all of these questions, learn about the benefits of your products. Research the acai berry, free radicals, antioxidants, and the ailments your products are known to benefit- such as diabetes. If you know your product inside and out you’re prepared to answer any potential client/rep rebuttals.Step 2: Know your Audience, Find your Niche
Now that you know your product, you need to know your targets. Knowing the benefits of the MonaVie Business products is an advantage for this step. MonaVie reviews show their products can aid a plethora of health issues from obesity to attention deficit disorder. This means you can target people concerned with weight loss or even people with short attention spans, the possibilities for demographics are endless!Step 3: Develop the Approach, Basic Sales
Next you’ll need to develop an approach for selling to your target audience. It’s basic sales from here, you need to know your audience’s problem, and you’ll need to have a solution for the problem. Let’s say you chose the weight loss niche. Your audience’s problem is being overweight, and the solution is the MonaVie Business products. Develop a pitch around the problem and solution, and write a sales script for your reps to use.Step 4: Sell the MonaVie Business Opportunity, Find Your Believers
Selling the product to your reps is just as important as selling it to your clients. You need your reps to believe in the MonaVie Business Opportunity. Get passionate and reveal you research findings. Explain how the sales script is specifically targeted to your chosen demographic. Let them know you’ve done all the hard work for them, all they need to do is what they do best- sell the product!Step 5: Defeat for Rebuttals, the “MonVie Scam” and “MonaVie MLM” Issues
The MonaVie MLM sales structure receives a lot of criticism. Due to some MonaVie Reviews and complaints, many people believe in a “MonVie Scam”. However, if you’ve thoroughly completed every step in this process you already have quantifiable evidence to prove that the MonaVie Business is worth investing in, and that your reps will be successful.