Is Your Upline Lying to You About Your MLM Product?

Many are told in this industry by their upline that their MLM product is all they ever need. That its the most important thing in their business. That you need to have the best product and that your business lives and dies by how good your MLM product is.This is an opinion held by probably around 95% in this industry about their MLM products.Here is another take on the whole issue.At its core, Network Marketing IS about having a network of customers who consume a MLM product, whether it is a physical product, information product, or business product.However, really, there is no “best” MLM product out there. What it all comes down to is the MARKETING of that product. That is what makes it successful.Case in point from a bricks and mortar store.McDonalds has a decent product, but definitely not the best product on the market. But what they are really really good at it is getting people in the restaurant and getting them to buy. In fact, they are the best in their industry at doing this, and that is why they are the biggest in the world.Their marketing is absolutely brilliant.How would this equate to your MLM product? Lets say you buy a box load of your best “whiz bang juice”. The best in the market by all measurable standards.Go ahead and sit it on your driveway. Does the MLM product sell itself? Does it magically make sales on its own?Another way to ask this question is, because its a “revolutionary new product, or ground floor opportunity” does that magically create sales?Its the marketing of the MLM product that really matters.If it truly was all about the product, then every single distributor in the company with the best product would always be automatically be successful. This simply does not happen. The 97% failure rate in network marketing businesses still remains.So whats really the point here?Focus on the benefits of what your MLM product has to offer. Does it relieve some pain for some ailment? Is it a business opportunity that you can market online? Then advertise and find those people who are looking for a solution to a problem that your product can cure.If you focus on acquiring these kinds of target leads for your business, and offer your solution, your MLM product will sell, guaranteed.By no means do I say that your MLM product doesn’t matter. If you feel your product isn’t of top notch quality, then by all means go get into another business that does have one.This is why I love network marketing online because you can VERY quickly identify a target market, and ZING, get your message in front of them. Absolutely the quickest way to market anything, including MLM.However, when you get into the “my product is better than your product” mode of marketing, you will live and die by that methodology.There is always another product out there that people might think is better.Simply move on and find a targeted market where people are looking for what your product provides.To find out more about how to market MLM products, be sure to follow the link below now.